Friday, March 1, 2013

2004 Toyota FTX

The FTX concept pickup truck provides a hint to the size and styling of Toyota’s next big-truck platform. At nearly 19 feet in length, nearly seven feet in width, and six-and-one-half feet in height, the FTX offers ample proportions. In the rear tailgate is a smooth operating hideaway ramp that extends to the ground when the gate is open. The instrument panel and center console arch bend outward, wrapping around each occupant, forming two protective cells. Under the hood, is a large-displacement V-8 hybrid gas-electric engine that pumps out loads of torque while delivering V-6 fuel efficiency.

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1961 Toyota Toyopet X

Shown at the 1961 Tokyo Motor Show.

Based on the Crown.

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1957 Toyota Proto

2 seater sports car (Toyopet prototype) from 1957.

This did not make production.

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