Friday, January 2, 2015

The Wasp Nest

In the Spring the wasp and bees like to build their nest in things that didn't move. And sometimes they would build a nest in thing that did move but were just sitting for a while.

They loved to build their nest in the car mirrors and they loved to build them in the wheel wells of the Saab.

Every few weeks we would have a lot party and this would entail moving every car on the entire lot to a new location. To the customer it looked like we had more new inventory and it kept the batteries up from sitting still. It also kept the tires from getting flat spots on them.

We hated the Saabs, because every time you went to show them you had jump them off with a jumper box and you had to run from the bees.

One day a few young men pulled onto the lot and they got out to look at the Saabs. Some of the Salespeople that didn't have customers were watching them to see if they were serious customers or just tire kickers.

I liked to greet everyone who came on the lot but I already had a customer and we were getting ready to go on a test drive.

Just before we pulled off of the lot, the guys had found a car that didn't have the doors locked and they were looking the car all over when all of a sudden we heard a scream and then bees,bees,bees and a door slaming and causing the bees to get even more upset.

I got out of the car where my customer was and excused myself so I could go and get some bee sting spray to take their sting away, before getting back with my customer.

When we got back the guys were waiting outside my office wanting to thank me for the bee spray and to let me know that they would be back to see me to buy three Saabs.

After I finished with my customer and delivered him his new car, I went to find the salespeople who were watching the guys with the bees and told them that because they were very rude they lost out on a three car deal.

The next day the guys came back with their parents and I got the three cars that they were interested in and brought them around to the front minus the bees and we test drove them. When we got back to the dealership we wrote them up and got the customer into finance. Then the mother said she wanted to buy a new Lincoln. We settled on a vehicle, test drove it a they went home in four new vehicles.