Friday, August 1, 2014

Were Going To Have A Lot Party

After our first month of being opened at the new dealership we were told by management that we were going to have a lot party. We all got excited when they said "party" because we had all worked hard to sell cars the previous month and this would be a nice way to start off the new month.

We all gathered out on the lot getting ready for the "party," but it wasn't anything like any of us had in mind of a party.

A "lot party" is the reorganization and changing around of all of the cars on the lot. In the summer when it is around ninety degrees outside inside the cars its over one hundred degrees and you hot and sweaty and long for a cool drink and a change of clothes. And in the winter it would be so cold that your hands and feet felt like they would freeze off.

Just imagine doing this in a tie and a long sleeve dress white shirt.

Tempers flare whenever the cars won't start and you have to go and find the jumper cables. They are never where they are supposed to be because somebody didn't put them back where they got them. Sometimes in your haste to get out of a hot car you forget and leave a window down and have to go and get the key to roll them back up. Or maybe you left a key in a car and you have to look in all of the cars you moved until you find the lost key. It can get expensive for you when you have to make new keys because you couldn't find the one you lost.

It's a party alright and some people get to yelling when others start to move real slow, but when the "Party" is over we had to say that the lot would always look much better than before we had started.