Monday, September 1, 2014

The Expensive Lunch Bunch

Most Dealerships sell New and Used Cars. You can tell where the most money is made at a dealership by watching the employees. Most of the guys in the new car department eat fast food take out so that they don't miss a customer or they bring something from home.

It's the guys on the used car lot and those sales people who sell used cars to there new car customers. These are the guys and gals that go out to lunch to eat and take their full lunch hour. No rushing for these guys.

They like to go and eat where it is full service and order a meal in the six to eight dollar range. I would go with them about once a week and that would be enough for me.

They loved to go to Ferguson's Cafe and order Breakfast at lunch time. They always said then they knew that the food was fresh and hot and not waiting on a customer for it to be served to.

The first time I ever went with them it didn't take me but one trip to mark the seat to sit in going and coming. If you didn't sit in the front seat you were domed. In the front seat you always knew that you could get out and if the air got to breezy with after lunch gas you could turn up the a/c and breathe. If you let them set you in the back seat they would put you in the middle and you couldn't hold your breath long enough before the body gas fumes (farts) would overtake you. Also before you could get out they would child proof the back doors and you had to sit in the rear seat until someone rescued you.

At this rate it doesn't take very long for you to learn where to sit. The best place is to allow them to let you drive.