Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Little OTJ Prank

It is amazing what can go on at work when times slow down. Mischievous soon takes over and you find people involved in things that you wouldn't be found doing.

The ladies in the office always would complain about the restrooms in the Used Car Building. They wanted to know why the ladies always flushed their commodes and the men's restroom usually was never flushed.

They would complain every other day and every day it would still happen. They suggested that they just try closing the door so that when the customers from service went to the restroom they wouldn't have to see in the men's restroom. I think these guys did it for spite just to hear them complain.

Well one day the twins in the Used Car Department had a slow morning and they went in an cleaned up the ladies toliet until it was so clean you could drink from the bowl. (They said). They purchased a couple of Baby Ruth candy bars and broke one in half and left the other one whole. The put the whole one and the two pieces in the ladies commode and left the door open when they knew that one of the ladies was bringing paperwork over to the Used Car Manager. They met her in the hallway out side of the restroom and said can you believe that a woman or maybe a lady left this in the bowl without flushing it down. She was beside herself and, sickened by what she thought that she was seeing. When all of a sudden one of the twins reached down and pulled up in his hand a piece and quickly bit into it and told her, do you want a piece as she slowly slipped to the floor passing out. When she came to she jumped up and ran to the office never to be seen again on that hallway.

Later when someone told her it had been a candy bar, she had said I don't care if it was a hundred dollars, I would'n stick my hand in there much less put it in my mouth.