Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pot Luck Lunches At The Dealership

The ladies in the office liked to cook the latest recipe and try it out on the people that worked at the dealership. We would always brag on whatever they made, because hey, the more you would brag the more they would make.

You would think they would know what we were up to but they never seemed to catch on. Thank goodness.

Around the Holiday's they always wanted to have a potluck meal where everyone brought a dish. All of the guy's would have their spouses or girlfriends make their favorite dishes and the ladies wanted to see whose would be eaten up first.

Sometimes I would be afraid to eat something if I didn't know who made it because they would sometimes add ingredients that made it extremely hot or add ingredients that didn't belong in it.

One day was at Christmas Eve we had a potluck and someone had made brownies. They looked great and they smelled great but something told me not to eat them. It wasn't long before the plate was clean and the ladies asked who made those wonderful brownies. No one claimed them which confirmed more my decision not to eat any.

We left early for Christmas on Christmas Eve and the Dealership was closed on Christmas Day. We came back to work the day after Christmas and the office staff of ladies were all out sick, as well as a few of the service staff. It was said that they had gotten a bug.

When I went over to the Used Car Department after the Sales Meeting all of the salespeople were hovering around together laughing. They said the ladies had a bug didn't they. Yes, someone said.
Maybe they should not have eaten so many Brownies!

They had an added ingredient, exlax!!