Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Old Mr Walker

We had two Salespeople with the same last names and at times it could get confusing whenever customers came in looking for one of them.

We had a B.Walker that was in his mid fifties and he had a lot of gray hair with a little brown thrown in. And our other Mr. Walker was J. Walker and he was in his seventies and he had a lot of black hair with a little gray.

So when the customers came in returning to see Mr. Walker we would ask them the standard question. Do you want the old Mr. Walker or do you want the younger Mr. Walker?

If they said they wanted the older Mr. Walker we would go and get J. Walker and they would the say no, he had more gray hair. This would make J. Walker grin every time because he knew that he was quite a bit older than B. Walker.

Even the times when they asked for the young Mr. Walker and we went and go B. Walker because he was younger we knew that they really wanted J. Walker who was really older.