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20 Of The Most Famous Cars Of American Presidents

After the commercial introduction of the automobiles in the 1890s, it took almost 10 years before the president of the United States to get on the end of the wheels. Till 1901, there was president of the United States who rode a car in the United States. Want to know about  famous cars of American presidents!

American presidents have always traveled in style and their cars are the epitome of luxury and style. Not much is known about American presidents due to security reasons, surrounding bodyguards and their secret life. In this article, we have reviewed the top 20 famous cars of American presidents.
President William Howard Taft who held the position of the president of America from 1909 to 1913 took interest in the Baker Electric car of 1909. It was one of the cars that featured in the first White House fleet of cars.

The headquarters of Baker Motors was located in Cleveland, Ohio and they handled all operations from there from 1899 to 1914. Baker Motors used to manufacture Brass Era electric automobiles. The first ever manufactured Baker car was a two seater car and was available for the price of $850.

One of the cars manufactured by baker Motors was even sold to Thomas Edison and it was his first car. The nickel-iron batteries that were used in some Bakers Cars were designed by Edison. These batteries were known for their long life and some of them are still in working condition even today.

The Baker Cars were two-seater cars with armored wooden frames and had electric motors that were placed in the center and were powered by 12 cell batteries. Two vehicle ranges were launched by Bakr Motors in 1904 vis-à-vis Baker Runabout and Baker Stanhope.  Baker car is one of the top famous cars of American presidents.

Herbert Hoover served as the president of America from 1929 to 1933and he loved to travel in style. He was especially fond of classic cars and the car that he liked most was his 1932 Cadillac 452 which he bought during the last year of his term as the president.

He took the Cadillac with him after he left the position of president. The official name of Cadillac 452 was Cadillac V16 and its exceptional design and powerful engine shook the automobile industry when it was launched in 1930 New York Salon. It was one of the finest creations by General Motors.

Its engine made it stand tall among the top cars of the era including Isotta-Frashchini, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce and Hispani-Siuza. In 1932 slight modifications were made after the sale of Cadillac V16 hit a low after the Depression.

The 1932 Cadillac had longer, lower bodies, free standing headlights and other minor changes. Only 300 V16s were built in 1932 which was the much low number as compared to the 3000 Cadillacs built in 1930. It is also one of the rarest Cadillacs and is most sought after car by the Cadillac collectors.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected as the president of America in 1933 and remained in the position till 1945. He is the most famous president who is known for his contribution in joining American forces with Europeans which led to winning World War II.

He was fond of classic cars and owned a 1939 Packard Twelve convertible. After Roosevelt owned it, the Packard Twelve became the first presidential car that was armored. The 1939 Packard Twelve Convertible Sedan is one of the most desired pre-war classic cars.

The Packard Twelve was launched as a response to the Cadillac V16 and Lincoln’s V-12. It was manufactured in the famous Detroit plant and only 446 units were manufactured in total. It had a powerful 67-degree V12 engine of 473 cubic inches which was capable enough of producing the horsepower of 175.

The chassis was available in two variants 134 and 139 inches which added variety to the car. It was modern for the cars of its era and had vacuum assisted brakes and vacuum assisted clutch which made the driving experience smooth and fun.

The Packard twelve Convertible Sedan that was owned by Roosevelt had metallic silver added to it and had an exotic red leather interior.

Harry Truman filled in for the post of the president of America in 1949 and completed his tenure in 1953. Unlike previous presidents, he was much interested in the modern engineered automobiles.  His favorite car was 1954 Chrysler New Yorker.

He even took his wife to a whopping 2500 miles road trip on the Chrysler New Yorker after he left the position of president.The Chrysler New Yorker was launched in 1951 along with the Saratoga model and both the models featured the famous Hemi V-8 engine which was one of the most powerful engines available at that time.

Chrysler continued the same engine without any changes for two years and decided to modify the engine only in 1954. The horsepower was increased to 235 from 180 which was further increased to 300 bhp in 1955.

The New Yorker was a four-door sedan and was one of the most selling Chrysler of 1953 with around 37,540 units being sold. Although the sale of Chrysler dropped to 15,788 in 1954.

It had the most luxurious interior and was much better than the interior of any Cadillac of its time. It was one of the top famous cars of American presidents.

You can say the president Dwight Eisenhower who ruled the America between 1953 and 1961 did not have very good taste in the automobiles. His favorite car was 1914 Rauch and Lang which was not a very special classic car, it looked rather ugly.

Later the reason was revealed for his fondness to the car. The car belonged to his parents and Dwight used the car in most of his election campaign. The Rauch and Lang was an electric car which was produced in 1905.

It was one of the top famous cars of American presidents. Rauch and Lang bought the motor for the cars from The Hertner Electric Company which was later bought by Rauch and Lang in 1907.
In 1905 50 units were built which rapidly grew to 1,000 cars in 1907 and sales agencies were established in major cities like Manchester, Denver and CO. The most famous model of Rauch and Lang was the 1914 Regal Brougham which had one of the finest interiors as compared to the other cars of the time.

It had the vibrant red interior which was mesmerizing. In the Brougham, the driver sat behind the passengers and controlled the car from the rear seat. It could reach up to the maximum speed of 30 mph because of the hard to operate tiller steering.

Brat was one of the classic models that were developed in Japan in 1977. Its introduction was done for matching with the demands in the small trucks segment in the country which had models from Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda.

This is not like the usual conventional model’s trucks. What made these stand on the top in the list of the famous cars of American Presidents is quite an easy observation. Some of the following features of Brat are a hidden door, cargo-bed, T-top split roof and obviously a four wheel drive.

This was exported to New Zealand, Latin America, Australia and Europe in 1987 but its imports were ceased to North America. One of the notable owners of Brat was President Ronald Reagan who had Brat until 1998, which was kept at his ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

Apart from President Ronal Reagan, Brat had been one of the most popular vehicles of the times. Brad was seen in the famous television series of My Name Is Earl, the movie Napoleon Dynamite and was also on Baby First channel.

Though Brat had origins in Japan, the company never had a thought of marketing the truck in the domestic markets. However, the popularity and demand have been consistent for the better part of the century and Brat has been also one of the most prolific and famous cars of American Presidents.

William McKinley is one president who has been associated with the Stanley Steamer, but Steamer was also the first of the presidential cars to be under the limelight and since was one of the famous cars of American Presidents in the times . Built in 1918, the cars were in possession of at least 6 owners.

William McKinley may not have owned this car, but McKinley has been distinctly identified of being the first president of United States to ever ride in a car. The Steamer was built until the 1920's, and Stanley Steamer was one of the first choices in the White House’s first fleet of cars.

The car has been one of the rarest of the vintage cars out in the markets and there are indeed few of the specimens of these famous cars of American Presidents that exist today. Just because there were limited units of the steamer ever produced in a span of around three years, Steamer was a rare view on the streets at the times.

However, being the early phase of modern cars, the Steamer was a sensation that lasted a long time before it dropped out of the popular choice to the late 1920s. However, within a small time scale, the impact of the steamer was evident to have made a distinction for itself.

The Pierce-Arrow Limousine was the car, the president Woodrow Wilson had returned after signing the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. The car was produced in between 1901 and 1938 and was one of the first town cars to have established it in the US.

The car was really special to Woodrow Wilson that his friends purchased one of the Pierce Arrow Limousine for the President so that he could drive after his tenure as the president of United States. Pierce-Arrow Town Cars were owned by the wealthy socialists and Royalty of the times including the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Japan, Persia, Greece, and Belgium.

And there were more variants such Metropolitan Town Car, Brougham Town Car,and the Limousine Landau Town Car that hit the streets soon after. Not only was Pierce- Arrow amongst the famous cars of American Presidents, Pierce Arrow had most effective designs of the times that provided all-weather comforts that had the cars covered and closed.

Moreover, the car seated seven passengers and was one of the finest of the Pierce-Arrow’s in the early 1920's. Most of the models featured gas lamps, double windshield and grand coachwork that made these cars one of the most elite in the class of cars. These were up on the top in the times and obviously the topmost pick of the famous cars of American Presidents.

The car was the classics of 1960 that featured prominently for the US President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural parade. Kennedy had also appointed the Ford executive Robert McNamara as Secretary of Defense.

The Thunderbird was one of the finest of the famous cars of American Presidents out in production with convertible 2-seat sports but could get be categorized as a sports car. Thunderbird was extensively positioned as the upscale model which was credited in the new developing segment of personal luxury cars in the world.

In 1958, the Thunderbird was redesigned to include the seats in the 2nd row with did show the increased demand for the cars in the subsequent years. As with succeeding generations Thunderbird was designed to be larger until 1977, thereby lowered down in time and again.

However, the car was produced for many years since 1955 to 2005, and the car produced over 4.4 million Thunderbirds in the time span. The Thunderbird was a phenomenon that lasted for around five decades and has been also the most famous cars of American Presidents in the United States to date.
The consistent designs and reforms through the years saw Thunderbird as one of the most improvised cars ever to be sold in the United States and had the class that suited the American class that has been exemplary.

One of the kinds, The Amphicar Model 770 was one of the most distinct references to the famous cars of American Presidents. The amphibious automobile, launched in 1961 at New York Auto Show was manufactured in West Germany, and since marketed in the USbetween 1961 and 1967.

The production of Amphicar ceased in 1965. Amphicar’s most notable owner was President Lyndon B. Johnson. Designed by HannsTrippel, the amphibious vehicle had a total of 3,878 units produced in a span of a single generation of the production line.

The Amphicar was a modest performer compared to most conventional boats or cars of the times and featured navigation lights and flags as needed based on the mandates of the Coast Guard.

However, the car remained popular for a brief period of times since there were few of the amphibious models that were present at the time and had some of the best impressions in the movie flicks. These are amongst the most famous cars of American Presidents that have been innovated and reinvented for the better.

They were also used by the Berlin Police in rescue missions. And also, you can get a ride with the Amphicar at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

From 1969 – 1974 famous celebrated President Richard Nixon cherished classic look and famous cars. 1950 Oldsmobile 98 comes in the category of famous cars of American Presidents. He demonstrated his enthusiasm for them by driving this classic car.

Time 1950-1953 was a huge one for Oldsmobile. Because of government confinements, deals were falsely low in between 1951-1952 in setting up for the Korean War. The Oldsmobile 98 got the rocky V8 motor engine in 1949 and offering a different taste of body styles including car, town vehicle as well as convertible.

For creating 135 horsepower, have used the 303 cubic – creep motor was fit. As the year advanced, that number kept on moving.  1951 sales were down and this classic-look car had down his number in the category of famous cars of American Presidents.

To face this issue, the automotive industry decided to modify and launch in the market with attractive and catchy look for Oldsmobile models. They offered four models including four door holiday sedans with two door coupe in two versions.

Two doors with five passenger coupe were the famous style. These models cars were chosen by famous American presidents. Even President Richard Nixon implied this car in one of his discussions.

Famous president Bill Clinton’s choice 1967 classic Ford Mustang, he drove this on the road but rarely because of low-security issues. You will value the man’s taste in cars.  This car presenting with included three – speed manual transmissions with all engines excluding the 289 high- performance as well as 390 GT V-8’s.

Engines were the 200-cubic- inch six with 120 horsepower. In this wide selection of famous cars of American Presidents comes with dual hydraulic brake system added with a warning light. Mustang has delivered additional security features like front & rear seat belts, padded sun visors, back up lights,

safety tire rims, designed instrument panel as well as controls for safety and padded windshield pillars.
On the list of famous cars of American Presidents, ford mustang had received more appraisals too.

Ford presented new looks with redesigned models in the mustang in between the year 1967-1968.

Fabulous 1967 ford mustang had received good look better than 1965-1966 mustangs.

The mustang saw an increase in overall dimensions and in engine power with each revision. It was bigger style but was similar to his previous one mustang. Major redesigned 1967 ford mustang kept his same 180 inches wheelbase great choice for famous presidents.

Few presidents, like big SUV cars models to drive for personal use. Obama, Famous American President likes his favorite big Ford Escape Hybrid. This SUV was not just the primary standard cross breed SUV to be created additionally the first to originate from a local automaker.

Offering quickening drawing nearer that of the V6 demonstrates yet with the efficiency of the four- chamber escape. The body embraced ford’s more up to date styling topics found in the edge as well as expedition, while lodge was upgraded and included more appealing and attractive controls.

Ford Escape Hybrid is also a good choice of the  American Presidents. Ford Escape Hybrid is  having the combined cargo space and horsepower in fuel economy. Few hybrid models were small and not more horsepower with cargo space. But this ford escapes hybrid changes all the minus points.

Per gallon that gets 36 miles, 5 door SUV body style in class compact crossover SUV, since 2001 to till present this model production is stable . It produces 155 horsepower and 2.3-liter gasoline engine combined with an electric motor. Ford always looks attractive but comfortable and low maintenance SUV. Since 2000 to till date successful market for this ford famous cars of American Presidents.

The Beast, name deserves the car in luxuries famous cars of American Presidents. 8 tons weighs 18ft length, armor-plated car worth over $1 million and Nickname the Beast. This special car has designed for American president Obama by Manufacturer General Motors.

The actual name is Cadillac Limousine, but after look out the car gets to value the nickname of The Beast. Impressive security with coded communications system gives advanced protection to the beast.

The body is sheathed in the military- review defensive layer as much as 8 inches thick on the doors.

This layer is a mixture of titanium, ceramic, aluminum and dual hardness steel. 5 inches thick ballistic glass used for windows and to protect the car woven Kevlar mat is covering the floorboard of the car.
Cabin security is fulfilled secure from any chemical attacks, larger windows is an impressive feature because this window feature hasn’t used for previous presidential cars or SUV’s. For Obama’s seat, it has a bulk package with a satellite phone which directly connected the line to the pentagon.

Emergency panic button has installed near to Obama’s. It is furnished with night vision cameras as well as pump activity shotguns and outfitted with poisonous gas guns. The Beast is the Best choice for the famous cars of American Presidents.


Chrysler 300C is the best and secure model in a list of famous cars of American Presidents. Around $ 1 million prices of this Chrysler 300C which is the favorite choice of American president Obama. Late 1955 first Chrysler 300 was manufactured.

These Chrysler 300 models are totally safe for the owner of the car. For the driver, optional safety features have installed like camera, this camera shows the driver who is behind to near his car and it helps in parking too. This is fully equipped sedan model developed by Chrysler.

Since 2015 new models have presented with 8-speedshiftable automatic transmissions as well as V-8 or V-6 engines and rear wheel drive. Fuel economy is 19/31 mpg sedan type model with 5 seating with Bluetooth facility. Everything about the Chrysler 300C is intended to guide you towards refinement.
It gives emotional profundity to each surface by delicate touch materials. For wheels it has a thicker edge segment giving improved execution, feel and grasp. A special feature provided in Chrysler 300C is in this steering wheel mounted audio controls and accepting voice command convenience.

This luxury car provides a good example of technology, doors can unlock without keys too if you pull the handle. This is the soft touch luxury Chrysler 300 always best choice and one of the famous cars of American Presidents.

Ford truck is one of the famous cars of American Presidents. Ford trucks are manufactured from many of the years. The first appearance of the ford comes in 1950. The elegance of the Ford trucks changed histrionically over the progress of the era. Ford also makes many of the accessories for the truck, containing splash guards, exhaust tips and also the floor mats.

Ford also makes suitable cargo organizers and side steps for boosted trucks. This famous car of American Presidents is very useful for carrying a lot of things. The Splash guards that are made by Ford are contrived from the material of OE grade and the trucks of Ford are aimed for the use even in bad conditions.

These guards are available in black, bright stainless steel and tooled Elongated Ford. Ford truck becomes the famous cars of American Presidents because it can be used even in the worst condition to transport anything. The mats are made up of rubber and can be used in any type of weather.

There are different sizes which are offered for different Ford trucks. These trucks are quite useful for presidents, therefore it is one of the choices among famous cars ofAmerican Presidents. The exhausted tips are easy to install and you do not even require drilling. It is famous cars of American Presidents because the seats are quite comfortable.

Lincoln Continental comes up in the best choice of American Presidents. The Lincoln Continental is a luxury car with many of the features comprising of 3.0-liter V6 Eco Boost Engine and also Approach Detection, which permits the car to logic the approach of the owner and also light up it inside and outside.

A tablet lap tray is present in it for back seat occupiers. This one of the famous car of American Presidents makes them more comfortable in using it. It consists of three unique driving modes which are the normal mode, sports mode and also a comfort mode.

Lincoln Continental became the famous car because the design of this car is one of the best design and the seats are so comfortable that most of the people who want a luxurious car choose this car. The interior of the Lincoln continental is decorated with the help of recycled waste and it also uses the flooring of leather instead of carpet flooring.

The Lincoln car is fixed with thin contoured seats with padding which are weight and size-sensitive too. The padding engrosses habitually when somebody sits in the car. The steering wheel of the car consists of a design of single-spoke. All the four doors of the car open in the style of full suicide. The audio system of this car has three different modes for listening to the music.

A specific feature of this car which makes it one of the famous cars of American Presidents is that if the front seat of the car is empty then the person who is sitting by the of the front seat is able to control the position of the passenger of the front seat.

This is among the famous cars of American Presidents. The Cadillac Limousine was initially possessed and activated by a Medicinal Doctor in Toronto. It ran as a systematic car. He was a comrade of CPR President N.R. Buck Crump as well as offered the car.

CP referred the car toward Montreal which was altered for running on the rails. The famous cars of American Presidents remained then allocated to the Broad manager President as an opportune and comfortable examination for security reasons vehicle functioned.

It was ambitious by Division Supervisors who were capable workers who could also notify the senior director about the situation of their partition. Most of the great standard persons choose the famed cars of American Presidents.

Seven tons are balanced by the car which is an eight chamber and is recognized on the path as M-260. This is the famous car of presidents. The alteration added a turntable under the car so that it is able to invert on the track, the lashing wheel became a portion of the airborne brakes as well. Also, air brakes, an air siren, and a church bell were added. This is one of the all time favorite cars of the great personalities.


This is also on the list of  the famous cars of American Presidents. Cadillac was debuted for provision through the William J. Clinton management in 1993 striking a new era. Active to this opinion, Presidential cars typically were manufacture cars adapted by limousine corporations.
This famous car of American Presidents was designed, industrialized and constructed by Cadillac in a secure procedure that endures today, with presidential cars built in private to comprehensive specifications.

Today is Cadillac Presidential Limousine debuted in obverse of a massive universal audience throughout President Obama’s opening parade on Jan. 20, 2009?

Occasionally labeled Cadillac One after the terminology for Presidential airplane, the current limo includes signature enterprise and practical elements after Cadillac manufacture cars but is entirely built for its assignment.

This famous car of American Presidents stipulations is recognized only to the minor team that intended it. The most noticeable alteration is a more standing stance than precursors, for improved external visibility.

1972-Lincoln-Continental-famous cars of American presidents
Lincoln Continental car is specially built for the American Presidents. Built ended three years through the Ford Motor Corporation and its serial amount designated that it was a 1970 classic, but the unique styling was as of ’72, this is the limousine that endangered both Presidents Ford as well as Reagan from would-be murderers’ bullets.

This is the best choice among the famous cars of American Presidents. During a 1975 elimination effort by Sara Jane Moore in San Francisco, Furtive Service managers pushed President Gerald Ford addicted to this huge 13,000-pound Lincoln and to security.

Six years late, and now ornamented to aspect like a 1978 model, the Furtive Service used this car over as a safe harbor after John Hinckley endeavored to eliminate President Ronald Reagan.Motorized by a 460-cubic creep V8, this was the previous presidential limousine fortified with roof starts through which the president might stand.

There are dissimilar sizes which are accessible for diverse Ford trucks. These cars are quite valuable for presidents, so it is one of the selections between famous cars of American Presidents. The tired tips are informal to install and you do not straight require drilling.

It is famous cars of American Presidents as the seats are fairly comfortable. These all cars are the famous cars of American Presidents. The people of high society travel in these famous cars.