Saturday, March 4, 2017

Top 20 Cars With Exclusive Interiors We All Dreamt Of

Cars have become a passion for people. Everyone wants to buy the best car but the priorities for each and everyone are different. Some people want a beautiful looking car. Someone wants a car with exclusive interiors. And some others have other requirements. This article has come up with 20 cars with exclusive interiors which are:


Ford Mustang is one of the cars with exclusive interiors. The interior of Ford model is designed such that it can accommodate 4 people in a very comfortable way. Initial models of Ford Mustang were containing 2 seats but with they came out with 4 seats. The seats of this are Recaro with a black and white pattern which gives it an exclusive look. The cars also include a sunroof. The breathing and exhaust system of this is fabulous.


1957 model of Chevy Bel Air was completely new including its engine. The design of this car was called as “shoebox” design. This is because it was the first Chevrolet which was featuring streamlined rear fenders. It is one of the most light-weighted cars. The design of this car is such that it is more lengthened from the front which gives it an exclusive interior look. This car is air conditioned. It includes power seats and power windows. This car also contains power brakes and power steering.

This car has made a space for it in the cars with exclusive interiors. This car undergoes through a major restyling in this year. The length was slightly reduced which gave it an exclusive look. It was provided two pieces curved glass windshield. The beltline of this car was slightly lowered which provided a comfort level. The steering wheel of this is very good-looking. The seats are very comfortable due to the positioning of beltline which makes it better than other cars.


Jaguar XK120 is a sports car. The body of this car is of aluminum and is hand built which gives it an exclusive look both from inside and outside. The qualities that keep it different from others are interior door caps, veneers of wood on the dashboard and wind up windows. The interior of this car gives a luxurious look. It has leaf springs at the rear end which are semi-elliptical in shape. The steering of this is like a recirculating ball. It has drum brakes as well.


This car has also obtained a place for it in top 20 cars with exclusive interiors. This car is available in two models. One is 2 doors six passengers and other is four doors, four passengers. The complete body of this car has simple but graceful lines which give it an exclusive look. The windshield of this car is Super-scenic. The roof is sloped and rear window is wraparound. This car has power steering and power brakes.


It is a type of personal luxury car. This car is embedded with all the luxurious things which are power vent windows, power windows, power steering, power brakes and power seats. This car also has a tachometer. This car is completely air conditioned and has a wraparound windscreen. The complete interior of this car is done with Bridge of Weir leather. This car was the most luxurious of its time and due to its quality, it made its space in top cars with exclusive interiors.


This car took care of everything from looks, performance to comfort. The windscreen of this car was more covered from other cars, so the interior was given the somewhat different look from others and this gave the positive result. The interior design of this car is exactly like a jet aircraft which gives it an outstanding look. The steering and brakes are power steering and power brakes. This car also has power window switches. This car also has windshield wiper controls.


This car was made up of aluminum. Window frames, bumpers and seat all were made up of aluminum. This gave a nice look to the car and made the car light in weight leading to better performance. The best feature that came out in it which made it one of the best cars with exclusive interiors is its automatic nature. Cars at that time were manual but this was an automatic one.


This car is a well-known sports car. It has torsion bars that can be adjusted and telescopic shock absorbers. Both of these things make this car different from others and exclusive as well. The car was containing power steering and power brakes. The steering of this car was kept smaller to give it an elegant look. The shape of the windshield of this car is really very nice and this gives a beautiful look to the car.


It is a two-seater car with distinctive gull-wing doors. These gull-wing doors provide it an exclusive look. Its body is completely made up of metal. The doors of this car open upward which give it a classy look. This car has a totally powered injection system along with power brake and power steering. The size of the steering of this car was smaller in comparison with other competitive cars, which provides a comfortable ride.


Pontiac was also one of those cars with a long wheelbase. It was produced for around 3 years by General Motors. Comparatively, it was a low priced car with a V8 engine of 4.7-liter capacity. With a horsepower generation of 180 at 4400 rpm, it helped attract some speed lovers. Moreover, for a change, considering the safety, padded dashboards were introduced as an option which helped it gain a place in the list of cars with exclusive interiors. A twin stripe design was also used eliminating the era of chrome strips around the trunk and brake lights.


It had a twelve-cylinder engine with chrome work on its rear end brake lights. It was known as well shaped and formed supercars. It was released in 1938 at a Paris motor show. It was applauded for its elegant class representation and radical performance. It was equipped with a dash, which helped it split up its profile and hide the engine vents (it also helped hide the door handles). It used to roll down windscreen and fully covered fenders.


The car was designed for five passengers with a wheelbase of 153.5-inch length. It was mainly the chassis and engine that the car company built, rest was left up to the owner’s requirement i.e. the body and interior of the car was custom made by any other third party, based on customer’s specifications. A mechanical timing mechanism was also used to indicate the level of oil and battery health on a dashboard which made it look unique and hence was counted as one of the cars with exclusive interiors.


V-12 luxury car Auburn was launched in 1932 by Chrysler. This 12 cylinder product was rated high on performing and was very reliable from an engine point of view. But the main attraction was its interior and body style which gave a view of royalty. Its engine was more powerful than eight cylinder engine for obvious reasons but was less costly than it too. And therefore it was the first choice of many automobile lovers.


One of the outlandish types of Bugatti was launched in 1936 with a powerful engine, low stance and lightweight construction by Jean Bugatti. Many believe that it was the first supercar ever made with the highest speed of 123 mph i.e. 200kph. This two-seated car was one of the cars with exclusive interiors which gave a luxurious view to the driver and the co-driver. It had a comfortable sitting for both of the drivers with a large steering to handle the royalty with ease.


Daimler despite offering many models of luxurious cars in automobile sector took an extra step to launch Daimler Double Six to get an edge over its rivals like Rolls Royce. It was a convertible car with an option of open as well as closed-roof car cabin. The cars, when released in the market, were a hit and were at first booked for kings and royal guests. The car was built with double six engines with each block having independent intake and exhaust system and cooling too.


Alfa Romeo was the first of its generation to be used in single seat grand Prix. The ‘8C’ in this car’s name refers to the number of cylinders its engine was made of i.e. eight. It was a mixture of advanced technology and sophistication with rear fenders having a teardrop shape, sharp raked windscreen and fastback roof. Top speed registered by this car was of 115 mph. there was a four-speed manual transmission with the fame of famous cars with an exclusive interior.


It was one of the most highlighted cars with exclusive interiors with the engine mounted in front which powered the rear wheels. It was a two-door convertible body style car. The car became a huge hit in luxurious cars world with its features if ride control, golf bag doors, ventilators in both kick panels and cowl. It also had freewheeling vacuum clutch with add-ons like fender lamps, dual trumpet horns etc


The phantom Corsair was one of the most futuristic cars with exclusive interiors. It had a seating for six persons with only two doors and two windows on either side. It gave a very clean and beautiful profile to the car. The most amusing fact about this car was the door locking system; it didn’t have any door handles but was instead opened electrically with the use of push-buttons located on the exterior part of the dashboard.

1937-Ford-Sedan-Delivery-cars with exclusive interiors

Ford Sedan Delivery car with exclusive interior had a V-shaped front grille and faired-in headlights. It was launched in two versions of Standard and Deluxe. It had an upper hand on cooling with a larger water pump. It was a ‘Slantback’ sedan which had a rear trunk door though space was limited. Ford Sedan Delivery had a round shaped look with fine horizontal bars and hooded grilles. It was a convertible sedan with windows that can be rolled up and was built few in numbers.

The article contains 20 cars with exclusive interiors. No car among these is less than others. Each car has exclusive interiors. Each one has some specifications which make it different from others. You need to choose according to your requirement of interiors.