Tuesday, January 10, 2017

10 Vintage Cars to Restore

Vintage car (1)
The 1961-66 Lincoln Continental is a vintage car that deserves a second shot at life because it is rare. We don’t see a lot of Lincoln Continentals from the 60s but their classy shape never goes out of style.
Moreover, we can still find most of the mechanical parts of this car. So, restoring one may be tricky but possible.
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The 1972-73 Dodge Challenger offers an upscale look that you cannot easily find in a modern car. Therefore, this vintage car deserves restoration if you ever find one.
Reproduction of its mechanical parts is continuous so it is still possible to save this vintage car.
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The 1964-65 Ford Falcon is one of the more popular Ford cars back in the day. So, you can find many of this still around until today. Therefore, restoring one is easier unlike rare vehicles.
Its simple design makes it the perfect first project for a first-time restorer.
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The 1953-54 Chevrolet Bel Air boasts a conservative yet handsome look. So, it deserves a second shot at life to be the best companion of the modern gentleman.
Mechanical and electronic parts are still available so you can easily buy them at reasonable prices.
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The 1951-54 Packard Pacific is one of the best models under the Packard nameplate.
This beautiful car is comes in style and is very durable so you can still find some around. Nearly all mechanical and electrical parts are still available so you can restore one immediatelVintage car (6)
The 1956-58 Studebaker Golden Hawk is a very popular vintage car. Many car enthusiasts still want to have this car even today.
There are many units of this car made so it is not hard to find one that you can restore.
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The 1970-73 Plymouth Duster is a desirable vintage muscle car that comes a more pocket-friendly price.
This is the next best thing if you can’t afford a Charger or a Challenger. Many suppliers still offer parts of this car, making it easy to work on.
Vintage car (8)
The 1955-56 De Soto Fireflite Hemi is one of the most affordable Hemis that you can get. Although it is not as muscular as the other Hemis, it is still a great car that deserves restoration.
Another challenge is restoring it because parts are really hard to find. However, the quality of this car is really good that it is worth to give it another shot.
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The 1928-31 Ford Model A is the Mustang of the pre-war era. Although it looks really vintage, it has a classic appeal that still works today.
Also, most parts of this car are still available so restoration is possible.
Vintage car (10)
The 1968-72 Oldsmobile Cutlass a vintage car that has a classic muscle look.
Many units are still available for restoration with parts out there that you can buy at reasonable prices.

Source: legendaryvideos.com