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Top 20 Classy Cars To Give You A Elegance-Filled Experience

Classic vintage cars – isn’t that a word of massive elegance and royalty? With all tradition covered up and giving us successors of its successful genres are these classy cars of the 50s. All these brands and its vintage products have been ravishingly adorable since those days and no one fails to admire the same in the recent times too. Bearing every man’s dream of having a vintage car for himself, comes these top 20 classy cars of the 50s and back.

Cadillac Eldorado is one of the best classy cars among luxury cars made by Cadillac. It is also one of the most expensive cars made by Cadillac during its production year. It was one of the tops in production and continued to ten generations. It had two models namely the hardtop and the convertible. It is also said the discontinued vehicle had a true driver’s luxury coupe in it.  The tonneau hard cover enclosed the convertible top to ensure the cover was hidden when the car was wide open.

Porsche 356 speedster is a luxury sports car that stood apart from other classy cars due to its high-end manufacturing technology. Being a sports car it introduced technology to reduce weight and other engineering innovations. It was a car with rear wheel drive and rear engine. The engine and power transmission was also innovative. This car also was considered as one of the pure racecar and its low-to-ground design only adds to it.

Fiat 8V was designed by the Italian company Fiat. Unlike other classy cars it had the power of a sports car but the elegance of a luxury sedan. It had a V8 engine along with a four-speed gear system. The main feature of it was that it had brakes and suspension all its wheels. This provided less braking distance and more suspension. Fiat 8V is one of the most impactful designs of the decade and it absolutely revolutionized city driving.

Type 300 was produced during the period of 1951 to 1957. It was one among the expensive classy cars. It had the best implementation of engine and power transmission system during its production. This made it stand out with the luxurious interior and strong build. The colors which it came were also remarkable. Mercedes-Benz Type 300 was visually pleasing and is one of the quickest of all. This was a first class car with a gull-wing door arrangement which led to the cockpit.

The Ford Thunderbird was initially designed as a convertible with two seats. It was produced by Ford during the period of the year 1951-1955. Unlike other classy cars during its period it gave more importance to driver comfort than speed. Most other car’s had a race in who can achieve the maximum speed but ford thought differently. This acted as a direct response to the Chevy’s Corvette and certainly had most of the significant features possible.

Studebaker produced this line of the car during the year of 1955. It had some of the high-end features under development that was not available in other classy cars. Some of these were steering, power brake and gear transmission. It had a variant with automatic gear transmission and various other add-on features. The standard features and price did not fail to rock the walk in the market and the model was also said to be pretty efficient.

It was produced as the second series in the production line of Bentley after the world war. It had close resemblance with the Rolls Royce. It had best looks in the classy cars section but had something better under the hood. The displacement of the engine was high and produced good power. This was introduced when the automotive industry experienced great changes and this is the proof the change succeeded. As one of the popular cars, its original price is estimated to be $18,000.

Citroen DS is an executive car manufactured by the French company Citroen which produced classy cars. It had a front engine which provided front wheel drive to the car. It was a sedan and had configurations of a convertible. The design was inspired by aeronautical engineering and produced a streamlined design. Some possible new styles and technologies were tried and guess what, this car did well in the market from the very day of its production
Buick Skylark is one among the classy cars that was meant for the common people. It was priced in the affordable range so that it could be used as a passenger car. It stood in production for a long 46 years, which show the popularity of the car. It has incurred many changes due to change in technology and interest. Though its production began in the year 1951, the interior and exterior looks carried the same charm throughout.

BMW 503 is an example of the need for high-end luxury cars in the classy cars section in America. It was a two-door car with good comfort for the driver. Even though it was meant to improve the sale of the luxury cars, the cost of production rose. This made a loss to the company that they couldn’t recover the money spent. The car was, doubtlessly an icon of indulgence and luxury with an excellent driving experience.

Pontiac Chieftain was produced by Pontiac during the period 1949 to 1958. It is one of the classy cars in production from Pontiac after the Second World War. It was manufactured as a lower-price version of its previous models. This made the common people buy a car and thus increase the use of cars. This had some interesting features that included a radio with around seven vacuum tubes and even tissue dispensers with a horsepower of around 116 in the count.

Crosley Hotshot is a special car considering its engine design compared to other classy cars. It was manufactured by Crosley Corporation from the period 1939 to 1952. Its innovative engine which had twin cylinder with air cooling brought a perfect blend of speed and power. The engine and other suspension were later replaced. The funky look was an add-on and in fact, the engine was renamed as Aerojet. Anyway, the original engine was the Waukesha Model 150 Cub Twin which had a 580cc air-cooled L head.

Bianchina Supermini comes under the minicar section of classy cars. There were not many mini cars in production during the period 1957 to 1970. It was produced by and Italian company Autobianchi. It was added with the smallest engine from Fiat that was air cooled. It also incorporated various features from Fiat cars. Everyone who owns this Supermini still wants to show them off in a car show, given its style and craze despite this being a 50s model.

Chevy Bel Air was designed by Chevrolet in three ranges. This was to attract a big number of people that have different taste. It is one of the best classy cars that is looked into even now. It used a V8 engine from Chevrolet. The whole car was light weight and significantly increased the cost of production. This had an insanely power-to-weight ratio and brought so much fortune to the seller during its production.

Jaguar XK120 is one of the sports classy cars first in production from Jaguar. It was initially designed and launched as a two-seater model. The model was highly accepted and inspired the designers and they created much more innovative production technology. It was one of the fastest produced cars during the period when it was launched. This is one of those cars everyone wants to take at least one ride before they die.

Chrysler Imperial was a luxury car from Chrysler which was a US company that produced luxury cars. Among classy cars, Chrysler is one company that makes only luxury cars during its reign. It had V8 engines with automatic transmission. It also had other technology that would fit into the luxury brand. As much as we have fallen for the latest innovation now, the previous generation had fallen for this Imperial. This was sold at a stratospheric $15,000 in the 50's.

Continental Mark II is a luxury car created by the combination of Ford and Continental Division. It is more often considered a personal car among other classy cars. This can be traced to the cost and technology available to it. The designers wanted to make it hit after the Second World War. This is one of the most influential and important models of the decade and still one of our favorites in the automotive field.

Henry J Vangabond is a model manufactured by Kaiser-Frazer Corporation. The car was made available in the classy car’s market through 1954. After its development, it started working on a new 4 cylinder design. Along with its better marketing and other latest technology it provides considerable performance. It carried very few components compared to rivals. Henry J Vangabond is a not-so-widely popular masterpiece that kept shining in the market for quite a time

The Lincoln Continental was an absolute car made for luxury, created by the combination of Ford and Continental Division. It is more often considered a personal car among other classy cars. This can be traced to the cost and technology available to it. The design was inspired by the post-world war scenes and requirements. This was first planned for a limited throw and then the response from the car lovers led to a massive production.

Fiat-500 classy cars
Fiat 500 was designed as a passenger car to carry four people. Its price was reduced to make it affordable compared to other classy cars. It had a rear engine and hence rear wheel drive. It had only two doors which were changed later. It was described as a car designed for the town life. It was small and was easy to maneuver in crowded places. Fiat 500 is a fabulous car in its own right and an appreciable innovation in the field.
You can check out for all these cars that took over the word classy in the 1950s. A few of these are on sale and a few rarely do you get to see. One can see all the high-end features we see in the cars that are being produced in the recent days are covered up in a few of these vintage ones and not much to say, it definitely adds up to the fascination.

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