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20 Muscle Cars That Deserve A Comeback

Muscle cars refer to the cars which have very powerful engines and also classic designs. The last century saw a lot of production of these types of muscle cars which were both useful as well as stylish and were truly revolutionary cars. Here is a list of muscle cars which made a mark in the history of cars.
The Porsche 928 which enjoyed fame as one of the muscle cars from the years of 1978 to 1995. It was basically produced to replace the Porsche 911 which was a very renowned car of those times. With a stylish design and a powerful engine Porsche 928 went on to become one of its kind in that era for being a coupe with a front mounted V8 engine and it was the first ever car manufactured by Porsche with these specifications.

The BMW E30 has always been the dream and luxury car that has always been one. This car was manufactured by BMW from the year 1982-1994. The BMW E30 cars enjoyed the luxury of being powered by straight six engines and a range of four cylindrical engines. The BMW 3 Series E30 came in many stylish designs and provided designs in two doors, four doors and also five doors which were really commendable in the era of 1980's.
Studebaker Avanti 1964 was a stylish car and hands down it has to be in the list of muscle cars to get the list complete. The design of the car itself is so beastly that you get intimidated just by looking at the car. And it was exactly like the beast it looked like with a powerful engine of 240 horsepower which enabled a high-speed performance for the car. Moreover, this car took over the age with its ravishing beauty.
Pontiac 2+2 was an American make car which was manufactured by Pontiac General Motors. The design of the car was borrowed from Ferrari and provided seating for four. The Pontiac 2+2 had very powerful engines which were provided by Chevrolet. They were six inline cylinders which assured a smooth drive. This car is one of the muscle cars as it provided Tri-power engines and a great suspension. The manufacturing of this car took place roughly between the years 1964-1970.
The Mercury Comet Cyclone was manufactured for a short period of time which was 1964-1971 but still it was one of the stylish cars. Mercury Comet Cyclone had a sporty look and it also sported bucket seats and a spoked steering wheel. The engine parts of this car were designed in the style of muscle cars. This car was known as Mercury Comet which later came to be known as Mercury Comet Cyclone in the year 1967.
Ford Ranchero, just as the name suggests, this vintage beauty was basically made for outdoor work and thus was more of a mini pick up truck. The design was sleek and stylish and it would easily pass as a sports car. It was a unique combination between a sedan and a truck which had the precision of muscle cars and the style of sedans. The utility of the car made it popular amongst the public.
Manufactured by Chevrolet the Chevy Kingswood 427 was a chic station wagon which had five doors and was made for tough use. With a stylish exterior and powerful engine with V8 Turbo jet 390, horsepower Chevy Kingswood definitely qualified for the list of muscle cars. The make of the car was very professional and this car also posed to be an example of style combined with utility as being a station wagon it could also be used for business purposes.
The Oldsmobile Rallye 350 was an American car manufactured by the Hemmings Muscle Machines. The name of the manufacturers itself gives the proof of this car being a noteworthy one when it comes to the criteria of muscle cars. The Oldsmobile was basically introduced as an attempt to bring in the junior muscle cars in the market. It was not big or beastly like other cars but it the engine of this car was definitely powerful.
The Ford Torino Talladega was a race car which was produced by Ford in the year 1969. This car was named after the Talladega Racetrack in Alabama where this car made its race debut. Torino Talladega – this ford creation looked like the personification of style with a fastback yet on the off hand, this was manufactured for the purpose of racing. This car was an aerodynamic version of the Ford Torino and was one of the best muscle cars by Ford.
The Pontiac Grand Prix SJ was one of the well-known and all-time loved muscle cars that was manufactured by Pontiac which was basically aimed to be a personal car for the public. The design of the car was slightly stretched which gave it a grand look. The Pontiac Grand Prix was one of the most accepted cars by the public and it sold around 1, 12,000 units. With a blend of luxury and muscle, the car showed its high in performance.
The Chrysler Hurst 300 was manufactured by Chrysler Corporation after the World War II. This car began the production in the year 1950 and stopped soon in the year 1960. This car can be given the title of being the ancestor of the muscle cars as from this car the concept of a muscle car came into being. As the production began just a few years after the war ended these cars were really expensive and not meant for the common public.
The AMC/360 Hornet was manufactured by the American Motor Corporation (AMC) for a short period of 1970 to 1977. The design of this car was pretty compact but this car was marketed as a sports car for motorsports. The AMC/360 Hornet was a four doors wagon and also sported a sunroof which was unique in the era of the 1970s and hence this car was totally an eye-catcher. In fact, this acted as a compact alternative to other muscle cars of the period.
GMC Typhoon was a high-performance SUV by General Motors whose production lasted only for a year from 1992-1993. This GMC Typhoon was a really fast car, which could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 5.7 seconds. This made this car one of the most powerful muscle cars. The design of the car was like an extended jeep. Only 4697 GMC cars were produced during its production period. Needless to say, this car had a really powerful engine.
The Chevrolet El Camino was produced based on the success of Ford Ranchero and sported a similar design. It was also a combination of a pickup truck and a sedan and hence became popular to the public. The Chevrolet El Camino was manufactured between the period from 1964-1987. This car was basically produced as a competition to the Ford Ranchero. With all the appealing factor in it, the car promises an amazing ride through it all.
The Triumph Spitfire was introduced at the London Motor Show way back in the year 1962. This car was a small car and was a two-seater sport convertible car. This car was designed by the famous car designer Giovanni Michelotti and thus is definitely a must add to the list of muscle cars. The car was manufactured by Standard Motor Company and the Triumph Motor Company and the production was carried out between the period from 1962-1980.
Cadillac Eldorado is one of the most celebrated muscle cars which enjoyed the longest production time up to ten decades. The first model was launched in the year 1957 and it was a convertible model. This car was definitely not for the common public being a luxury car and thus it was only bought by the privileged and thus was considered as a class symbol. Over the generations, this personal luxury car has been in the list of competitors and referring it to just as a vintage muscle car is certainly not sufficient.
The Citroen DS was one of the most stylish sports muscle cars seen in the 1950s, right exactly the period when its production began. Designed by the Italian car designer Flaminio Bertoni the Citroen DS sported a futuristic body design and was given the title of the most beautiful cars of all times by the Classic and Sports Car Magazine. This car was very popular and sold a lot of units around the globe.
The Peugeot 205 GTi was a supermini car manufactured by the French company Peugeot. The 205 GTi was launched in the year 1984 and had an XU5J engine which made it one of the fastest muscle cars. The production life of this car was comparatively short as it was discontinued in the year 1992. Even in this short span, it made a mark and many improvisations were made on this car for better performance. This was treated as the benchmark in the group of cars.
Alfa Romeo Giulia GT was a sports car which was manufactured by the Italian car manufacturers Alfa Romeo. The car enjoyed a short manufacturing period from the period from 1963-1965. The car was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show where it was appreciated. This car was compact in size but quite speedy and thus goes down the list of muscle cars. The sight of this car let people from the 50s splutter with possible superlative words possible.
Buick-Grand-National-GNX - muscle cars
The Buick Grand National GNX is one of the classic vintage muscle cars which you can lay your eyes on. Its production began in the year 1978 and it has been very popular since then. The engine of the car is so powerful that the speed goes from 0 to 60 mph within seconds of accelerating and thus was a perfect car for long drives on the highways. With a 3.8-liter V-6 turbo performance-tuned factor in it, the car deserves to be in the top 20.

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